About us

Let's start with the name.

It comes from Killbuck, NY.  

The year is 1938 which was the first year of whitetail hunting in NY State. 

Owner Pete Smith’s grandfather Nick Smith harvested his first 8 pt. buck there.

 That is how Killbuck Scents came about as a product name.

 We started with 10 bottled raised fawns in May of 1996.

 The next year we built a barn and collection facility.

 We field tested our products giving it to family and friends with great success!

 After 2 years we sold our brand new house and barn to buy more acres to expand our business.

 Now 20 years later raising whitetails and having the experience with patterns deer make and how they react to each other during different times of the year and being a major wholesaler for over 15 years we bring for the first time to the public the precise mixtures and freshest whitetail scents and lures on the market. 

 For inquiries, please reach us at:

(716) 965-2146

Email: info@killbuck.com 

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